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Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

A few weeks ago our invitations were printed.

Today we put everything together, the list of guests, the envelopes, the reply cards, the menu cards, the maps and the invitations.

So we mailed them!

Friends Weddings

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

We have had a busy two weeks going to wedding rehearsals, showers and the actual "I DOs" in which Rick visited Aurora 3 times in 4 days. It started out with Rick attending Luke and Jen's rehearsal dinner in Aurora so he could get to know everyone before the big event where he was the photographer. The next day was Ewa and Wojtek's hilarious bachelor/bachelorette party. I wish we could have stayed longer for that one.
Us celebrating Ewa and Wojtek’s fleeting singledom
The next day Rick went up to Aurora again for Luke's family pictures. That afternoon Luke and Jen got married in a beautifully romantic ceremony by the Lake. Jen looked gorgeous in an amazing dress; Luke was handsome in his tux; and the reception had tonnes of great little personal and fun touches. Rick was behind the camera so we haven't found a picture of us yet.
The weekend continues on Sunday afternoon when we attended Ewa's Wedding Shower in Aurora.
At Ewa’s Wedding Shower
In usual polish style there was lots of great food and lots of yummy treats. The cutest part was when we had to strain to see Ewa behind a mountain of gifts.
A week later was the wedding completely in Polish. Needless to say I couldn't understand a word but it looked wonderfully touching. It was a very small wedding less than 40 people in attendance and like nothing I've ever experienced. It was great to have time and quiet enough to talk to the people around you while eating mountains of food. An amazing 7 course meal, very polish. With such a small group you could also easily demand the bride and grooms attention. I think the amount of time that Ewa and Wojtek got to spend with each guest is what every bride and groom would wish for but can't do because of the 100+ people in attendance.

We had a great time.  


Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

So we printed our invites the other day. It was a bit of an ordeal.  First the paper guy wouldn't return our calls, then  the paper we wanted wouldn't be available for a week so we had to do a last minute change to the stock.

Getting it on press wasn't too bad once we had the paper. I showed up a 4:30 when the job was just going on press. We printed the first side with out much problem, a little bit of adjustment  to the ink density, but thats it. It took 30 minutes to print that side. A quick plate change to do the backs and we started running "make-readys." basically running paper through the press to make sure the ink is running evenly and its lining up to the previously printed side. That side took two hours. TWO HOURS! Four times as long as the other side. The ink was just too dense, it looked like the wrong colour. so 3 hours to run 100 sheets. For those of you not in the print industry, thats insane. The half hour side one is what side two should have taken. On top of that the press room was about 45°. So I was sweating and drinking and sweating and drinking. Anyway the press-man was awesome. Printing is a science, not an art so its a lot of nudge and see. Thank  You Trade Secrets


Thursday, May 29th, 2008

finally after five months of searching a beautiful victorian three bedroom is ours.

Changes and Progress

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

Things have been crazy busy since we've decided to change the wedding date. That's right the date is now Saturday September 20th, 2008! This year! Only six months away! Planning has been ramped up into high gear and there has been progress. In between house hunting we've managed to get some of the important things done. The venue is still The Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hurray! The closest people in our lives have been asked to take part in the wedding. Our wonderful entourage             

Maid of Honour Holly Pitts friends since grade 4, she’s always there through thick and thin
Best Man Jerry Urjasz friends since grade 9
Bridesmaid Amy Gillgrass friends since grade 9, my first time living away from home was with Amy
Groomsman Jan Rudy known him as long as he’s been alive
Bridesmaid Renata Zaprucki known her as long as she’s been alive but she’s cuter than Jan
Groomsman Ken Drebenstedt known him as long as he’s been alive

The next thing I had to worry about was finding the perfect wedding dress. After going to six different boutiques and dragging various friends with me I found it.  I had very definite ideas about what I wanted, tried on a lot of different shapes and ended up with a beautiful gown by Maggie Sottero. I found it at Bridal and Beyond in Mississauga.Rick managed to find a great photographer. After interviewing 6 people he introduced me to one of the photographers at Art of Weddings. Trina was very easy going and we liked her style. So the photographer is booked.Also picked a baker for our wedding cake. Went to one tasting and loved all the little cake and icing samples that we could combine any way we wanted. Got some big sample cakes from another baker to take home and try so that the family also got to vote on the best flavor. We chose Lynne from Let Them Eat Cake in Dundas to make our little wedding cake. She was great, full of a lot of information and the cake and buttercream were delicious.This week we registered at The Bay and William Ashley. That was pretty fun and I actually found  formal and casual china patterns that don't suck.Stay tuned for bridesmaid dresses, flowers and invites.

Yes I know we haven’t been Updating

Sunday, December 16th, 2007

I know its been a while since we made any updates but house hunting has taken over wedding planning for a while. We found something we loved but we're worried that the reno's we want would cost too much. So the search continues…