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  • She didn t even stir when he retrieved her from the room that Lucas had summoned him to.
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    Had he done it at any other time, she would have been properly annoyed, but in this case, it excited her.
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  • He lowered his forehead to hers and closed his eyes. She might as well humor the animal, especially since she was wide awake.
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  • After numerous attempts to get Ted to notice her, even rudely interrupting the conversation a few times, she gave up and slumped in a nearby chair sulking. No one knew exactly how old Valear was, but he was in true mythical form.
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    The guard that stood in a small shelter at the gate, phoned ahead to the house while Linda and Ted sat patiently in her care.
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  • I have to warn you though; she raised a lot of heads today.
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    Wedding Shower at the Polish Hall

    August 11th, 2008 by bride

    We had a great time seeing and partying with everyone. People came from as far as Alberta and New York. The dinner and dancing was enjoyed by everyone. Thank you so much to Ela and Zbyszek for your hospitality. The night was a huge success. 

    Greeting everyone

    Greeting everyone


    Dinner was yummy, mmm perogies

    Dinner was yummy, mmm perogies






    Full of leftovers and relaxing the next day
    Full of leftovers and relaxing the next day

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  • Posted in Bride | 102 Comments »

    Black Tie Affair

    July 2nd, 2008 by groom

    So I spent a good part of my monday off looking for a shirt and tie. We needed to find a tie and square that match Martina's dress for the shower. A proper bow tie for the wedding and shirt to go with them. We walked all over down town visiting various shirt and tie places throughout the path. The shower tie and square weren't too bad. Basically a matter of matching colour and funk level. Thanks to the good people at Harry Rosen's the neck accouterments were easy. The shirt, thats another story.

    Most of the problem has been finding a shirt because I have a very  specific look in mind. I want the Gaius f-ing Baltar shirt. I want a shirt with a collar that will stand properly when unbuttoned. But I need the shirt to be french cuffed and holed for shirt studs. That makes it quite a bit trickier. I found lots of shirts for shirt studs, and I found lots of shirts with the right collar, but never together. Many of the companies make the shirt I want, just nobody carries it. I tried Harry's, I tried Holt, I tried a half dozen tie shirt places in the PATH. Nadda.

    Finally I went home (specifically to Sandra and Christians) and searched the web for custom shirt makers in Toronto. I have an appointment with one this week.  A good shirt costs anywhere from $160-190. A designer shirt $250-500. So instead of ordering the shirt I want in, hoping it lays how I want, and getting it altered to fit better. I can get a bespoke shirt for around $250. They'll make it to measure and it'll be half the price of the Armani Shirt I looked at. And it'll be perfect. No more wasting time.

    As I said above I got myself a proper bow tie. I figure I'm a grown man, I can tie my own bow tie. Everyone I've talked to about using a proper tie has said how hard it is to tie. Well I tried tying it and here is attempt number two. 

    Bow Tie… Sorted

    I don't know what the fuss is about, but that was my second attempt. Sure its not perfect, but I still have over two months to figure it.

    Okay maybe I'm being too picky about things like shirts and ties and suits and shoes and rings and wedding stuff in general. But the wedding is actually a chance for me to be picky (I prefer the term specific). Anyone who knows me, knows I'm pretty easy going. Sure I can be picky, but I never argue the point. If I can't get the thing I want with minimal to moderate effort, I let it slide. I don't care THAT much. But with the wedding its my chance to do things my way. No half assed attempts. If I'm doing this once, I'm doing it right, the way I've always thought it should be done.Deal with it. 


    July 1st, 2008 by bride

    A few weeks ago our invitations were printed.

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  • He found himself walking the deserted cement paths that wound through the Los Angeles Zoo. Then she heard her name, loud and clear, and inhuman, slicing the night like a knife.
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    Today we put everything together, the list of guests, the envelopes, the reply cards, the menu cards, the maps and the invitations.

    So we mailed them!

    Friends Weddings

    June 29th, 2008 by bride

    We have had a busy two weeks going to wedding rehearsals, showers and the actual "I DOs" in which Rick visited Aurora 3 times in 4 days. It started out with Rick attending Luke and Jen's rehearsal dinner in Aurora so he could get to know everyone before the big event where he was the photographer. The next day was Ewa and Wojtek's hilarious bachelor/bachelorette party. I wish we could have stayed longer for that one.
    Us celebrating Ewa and Wojtek’s fleeting singledom
    The next day Rick went up to Aurora again for Luke's family pictures. That afternoon Luke and Jen got married in a beautifully romantic ceremony by the Lake. Jen looked gorgeous in an amazing dress; Luke was handsome in his tux; and the reception had tonnes of great little personal and fun touches. Rick was behind the camera so we haven't found a picture of us yet.
    The weekend continues on Sunday afternoon when we attended Ewa's Wedding Shower in Aurora.
    At Ewa’s Wedding Shower
    In usual polish style there was lots of great food and lots of yummy treats. The cutest part was when we had to strain to see Ewa behind a mountain of gifts.
    A week later was the wedding completely in Polish. Needless to say I couldn't understand a word but it looked wonderfully touching. It was a very small wedding less than 40 people in attendance and like nothing I've ever experienced. It was great to have time and quiet enough to talk to the people around you while eating mountains of food. An amazing 7 course meal, very polish. With such a small group you could also easily demand the bride and grooms attention. I think the amount of time that Ewa and Wojtek got to spend with each guest is what every bride and groom would wish for but can't do because of the 100+ people in attendance.

    We had a great time.  


    June 10th, 2008 by groom

    So we printed our invites the other day. It was a bit of an ordeal.  First the paper guy wouldn't return our calls, then  the paper we wanted wouldn't be available for a week so we had to do a last minute change to the stock.

    Getting it on press wasn't too bad once we had the paper. I showed up a 4:30 when the job was just going on press. We printed the first side with out much problem, a little bit of adjustment  to the ink density, but thats it. It took 30 minutes to print that side. A quick plate change to do the backs and we started running "make-readys." basically running paper through the press to make sure the ink is running evenly and its lining up to the previously printed side. That side took two hours. TWO HOURS! Four times as long as the other side. The ink was just too dense, it looked like the wrong colour. so 3 hours to run 100 sheets. For those of you not in the print industry, thats insane. The half hour side one is what side two should have taken. On top of that the press room was about 45°. So I was sweating and drinking and sweating and drinking. Anyway the press-man was awesome. Printing is a science, not an art so its a lot of nudge and see. Thank  You Trade Secrets

    Wedding Showers

    June 1st, 2008 by bride
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  • Well, if it s that important to you, then release me from this marriage and go find someone who s willing to marry you and have all your babies who will eventually ruin mankind because they weren t supposed to be born.
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  • Rick's Mom Ela is great; a while ago she told us she wanted to throw us a wedding shower. Specifically she says to be able to celebrate with anyone we can't invite to the wedding because of reception size limits. So it won't be the usual, a group of women gathered together to have lunch and cake, play games and watch presents be opened (though I love those kind of showers too, but that's bridesmaid territory). She was thinking couples and singles would be invited to a dinner/dance. We happily agreed. Well the plans are being set and it's going to be a grand event on July 19th. Rick is calling it our 'Big Fat Polish Wedding Shower' as it will be held at the Albion Street Polish Hall in Brantford, there will be a polka band, open bar and the guest list is very long. We're looking forward to it. Invites will go out soon. Now I just need to find a party dress. 


    May 29th, 2008 by bride

    finally after five months of searching a beautiful victorian three bedroom is ours.

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  • Jason continued to tell her of the past few day s events, the conflict with Lucas and his father over Lucas choice and his legacy, and the unrest within Association. The man s name was Ted Jacob and the woman s name was Megan Crane.
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  • Although she was still maturing so the darkness hadn t emerged quite yet. I challenged you and you were willing to give your life for her.
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  • These were conversations about things she found interesting, if not fascinating and she meant to be a part of them, whether welcomed or not.
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    A lot more got done

    May 18th, 2008 by bride

    Picking out bridesmaids dresses was the most fun. On a thursday just Holly and I went to Rainbow Bridal in Hamilton to take a look and they had a lot of dresses we liked. The funny part was that in the change room next to us the ladies were also searching for bridesmaid dresses and everytime I came out to model a dress they loved it too and had to try it on after me. Since we were taking tonnes of pictures this worked out to our advantage because I could stand beside the very nice woman in a gown I liked and see how different gowns went together. How lucky is that? We narrowed it down to 5 after hours of discussion. The next Saturday Amy, Renata and Rick's mom Ela came out to try on the 5 we selected. Again after hours of discussing I picked one that I thought would look good on everyone and decided to alternate the colours. But which colour? On Sunday Holly went back with me to order her dress and I managed to get a swatch of the colour take it outside and look at it to be sure it was what I wanted. Yes I'm a perfectionist about this stuff and agonize over every detail.

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  • She leaned back on her hands, stretched out her legs and was quite content to stay there for the next few hours until Tanya and Linda were ready to go home. I don t think there s any gain in that, he joked, What did you think I was?
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    Next came the flowers. I've never known an industry to have such conflicting information. Yes we can get tulips in September. No we can't get tulips in September. Yes we can get tulips but we can't say whether they will be fuchsia or pale pink. Hydrangeas will wilt for sure if they are not in a holder. Hydrangeas will wilt if they are not hand tied and kept in water. Hydrangeas will not wilt at all if they are high quality. Who am I suppose to believe? I'm still negotiating with the florist I chose. Who knew flowers would be the hardest part.

    Rick had much better luck picking out the tuxes. He and all the guys are going to look very James Bond like. Now he just needs to find a bow tie (everything provided at the shop is clip on) and a shirt.

    We've also had the Sheraton Hamilton set aside a block of rooms if anyone wants to stay the night. You can book rooms online by going to
     It was the most logical choice as it is directly (I'm talking linked with a bridge) across the street from the Art Gallery of Hamilton.  So you can just stagger across the street and up to your room hopefully without falling.....well the night will be open bar you know and we want everyone to have a blast.

    Speaking of having a blast, Amy has booked my bachelorette party weekend at her family cottage! It's going to be so much fun! I've been going there every year since I was in my early twenties, it's awesome and Amy's family has been great in allowing me to rent it myself these past few years.

    Right now I have to think about invites, guest lists, rings and other accessories. 

    Places and Pastors

    May 13th, 2008 by groom

    Well we spent this weekend scouting locations for our photos. We hit the RBG rock garden, Whitehern and the Steam Museum. The museum was the coolest but they won't let do any commercial photography inside. "Screw them," I say. Whitehern it is. Less walking, more architecture and closer. We also found ourselves a minister to marry us… Tom from All Life's Milestones. So whatever else happens we'll be able to get married (as long as I don't forget the license)  Below are some pictures from our scouting trip.

     SM 6SM 5SM 4SM 3SM 2Martina in the pump room @ the Steam MuseumRBG 4RBG 3RBG 2RBG 1Martin on Front Steps of Whitehern

     [EDIT] looks like Whitehern is booked so the search continues. 

    “Have fun storming the castle!”

    May 13th, 2008 by groom

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  • Some days I feel like we're planning our own castle onslaught. We have a million questions like: How do I find the Count? Once I do, how do I find you again? Once I find you again, how do I escape? The suppliers just roll their eyes and think "stop pestering me I've been mostly dead all day."