Wine Country

We went out towards the Niagara area to look at places today. Thats right people… Wine Country! The prices don't seem to be that much cheaper than Toronto, but you do seem to get more for the money. I'm finding some nice french menus but they're a little heavy on the cheese. Though everywhere we've gone has seemed pretty flexible in menu building, but I doubt I can make a final decision on a venue without first trying the food. Luckily most of the venues have had restaurants attached so we can always make reservations and try the food. I'm going to have to google map these places and check the traveling distances for guests. If its going to be "out of town" I'd like to keep it at a distance where people will want to stay overnight to cut down on the DUI potential. Most people seem good these days but people do get a little carried away at times. Plus not having to worry about getting home after a party is always nice.

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